The Tacoma platform is by far the most popular one that we see. being that this is the best selling midsized truck that is no surprise. These vehicles are very capable as a stock vehicle, but there are certain weak points that we like to address. With the midsize truck you have to know that you are limited by the payload, but you exchange that for overall size. The Tacoma can fit down more trails due to its size. And if you choose a long bed like The Ranger Goat, than you still have quite a bit of space to live in when camping.


Do Stages include bumpers, lights, or any other outfitting?

No, none of our Stage systems include any other outfitting. The Stage system is Wheels, Tires, and Suspension. Stage 3 includes a supercharger. Due to the long travel suspension, fiberglass fenders and bedsides are included with the Stage 2 & 3 builds.

Wheels & Tires


• Method Race Wheel

Tire Options

• Toyo Open Country A/T, M/T or R/T
• BF Goodrich, MT, TA
• Yokohama AT, X-AT or MT


There is no standard timeline because each vehicle is customized to your needs. If you have a lot of outfitting and camper setup, it could take months. If you are only in for suspension work that could be 1-2 weeks. Once we have your build sheet done we can give you a better estimate.