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No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and it saves you time waiting for our reply.

How much lift? Can you lift my truck?

• Here at TAV, we don’t focus on lift number and heights. We are not looking for the maximum lift possible. In fact, we don’t lift anything higher than 3 inches, even on our stage three packages.

• We build the suspension around the tire size and use of the truck. A Tundra running a 35” tire will be built differently than a Tundra running a 37” tire.

• We stay away, far away from any bracket lifts.

• We like to keep the factory suspension geometry.

• Instead of maximizing lift height, we focus on keeping the vehicles center of gravity low, and maximizing the suspension wheel travel. We can achieve this with a long travel system taking racing products and tailoring them to an expedition platform.

What are your lead times

• Often our lead times are based off the lead times of others.

• Since we are dealing with custom builds and tailor projects.

• Bumpers often take 12-18 weeks to build

• Kings currently take 25 weeks to build

• Lead times are constantly changing and in the current situation they are very hard to predict.

• Once we have a better understanding of when your parts will be arriving, we can get you on the schedule. Once your parts arrive at our shop, we will get you on the schedule as soon as possible.

Do you only work on Toyotas?

• Although we can outfit any make and model, we specialize in late model Toyota truck platforms.

• We believe that the Toyota platform is a very reliable platform for those looking for an adventure vehicle. Having a reliable vehicle is the perfect platform to start with when building an adventure vehicle. That is why we have chosen Toyota.

• Toyota offers a Full Size truck, Mid Size truck, and a SUV.

• We offer custom tailed builds on these models: Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and FJ Cruiser.

• There is a lot of aftermarket support for Toyotas.

• Since it is our specialty, we have extensive knowledge about the Toyota platform, making us the subject matter experts when it comes to outfitting and modifying a Toyota.

Do I really need to re-gear?AGES

Stage 1

• A lot of times with our stage one packages, we are running slightly larger tires and it may not be necessary for you or your vehicle.• We like to tell our customers to drive the vehicle and let the vehicle tell you if it needs gears or not. Some customers may not notice.

• We like to tell our customers to drive the vehicle and let the vehicle tell you if it needs gears or not. Some customers may not notice.

Stage 2

• If you are looking for a complete Stage 2 package, then yes, you will need a re-gear.

• On most of our Stage 2 builds, we will be using 35” tires. Since the 35” is
much larger than stock, the vehicle will need to be re-geared.

• Stage 2 Tundras will be running a 37” tire.

Stage 3

• Like we have discussed in past videos, our Stage 3 is the most inclusive package and a re-gear will be necessary.

5.29s on 3rd gen Tacoma w/ 33s?


• The transmission on the 3rd gen Tacomas is electronically controlled.

• Even after a re-gear (no matter the ratio) the transmission will still hunt for gears.

• Yes, you are still changing the gear ratio, and it will help with power and gas milage, but 5.29 is not the solution

•The only vehicles we run 5.29 gears in is a Tacoma with 37” tires and a Tundra that will be pulling a trailer and running 37” tires.

How much does this cost?

• That is a loaded question and super difficult to answer… It all depends on what the build that is best for you and how you drive ends up being. When we get into the consultation that is when we can give a better estimate on build cost.

Can I bring my own parts?

It is our company policy to not install any customer parts. If there is a missing or damaged part, we can not communicate with the company because we did not place the order. The person who placed the order will need to coordinate with the manufacturer for missing or damaged parts, making the process more time consuming. It helps us to have a better flow if we purchase the parts directly from the manufacturer. That way, if we run into any issues, we can immediately communicate them with the manufacturer. Oftentimes we can correct the issue quicker than the customer because we deal with the manufactures on a weekly basis, we know who to call, we can reference order numbers and dates, and get the parts in getting you back on the road quicker.