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Polaris RZR Turbo S

Polaris RZR Turbo S in Multicam Alpine White.   We validate everything we do on our own vehicles first. From the Trucks to the UTV's if we are looking to...

Polaris RZR Turbo S in Multicam Alpine White.


We validate everything we do on our own vehicles first. From the Trucks to the UTV's if we are looking to work with a brand on something, we choose carefully and then apply these components to our personal vehicles till we know we trust them for our customers.

 For the Polaris RZR Turbo S, Walt's brother Josh picked this up as his personal UTV. But through the previous builds that we have done, several companies jumped on board with sponsoring the vehicles. 


Suspension - Zbroz Racing

The Polaris RZR Turbo S comes with some amazing suspension right off the floor, but with the support of Zbroz we added the Stage 1 Spring kit along with the Pro Max Arms and Rods. 

Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit (Fox Live Valve Shock)

4 INTENSE SERIES Billet Gusset Plate

Pro Max Trailing Arms

HD Pro Max A-Arm Kit

HD Pro Max Lower A-Arms

Sway Bar Link rod kit 

HD Pro Max Lower Radius Rods

HD Pro Max Upper Radius Rods


Lights - KC HiLiTES

For lights, KC HiLiTES jumped on board. You may remember that they sponsored a previous build that we did with Can-Am, so it seemed fitting to stay with the theme. They make great lights, and the team over there is super down-to-earth and supportive. 

The Flex Era 4s on the bumper has amber covers to help with any high dust areas, and the Pro 6 lightbar is just running the standard white lights to allow for a large spread when out on the trails. Under the roof and mounted to the cage, we have the C2 area lights for any time we are out camping and need to have a light that is not overpowering. Throughout the build, we utilized the Cyclone lights from KC. These little lights are perfect for almost anything, you can mount them as a chase light, rock light, or just an interior light for any build. 

 Pro 6 Lightbar

Flex Era 4s

C Series C2 (Area lights) 

Cyclone Ambers (Rear) 

Cyclone White and red Interior and Tire mount


Communication/Air - Rugged Radios

Complete UTV Intercom and Radio communication kit

MAC AIR Helmet pumper system

S&B Particle separator and engine air filter


Interior/exterior accessories - Assault UTV

One of the things that we really like about Assault Industries is the ability to customize the colors of their accessories to match the theme of your rig. For the RZR Josh wanted to have some red accents to match the “Turbo S” that was already on the machine. 


UTV  rugged offroad cooler Bag

Hellfire Grill

Army Grenade Shift Knob

B2c Convex Side Mirrors

Bomber Convex Center Mirror

Navigator Leather Utv Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Hub

Adventure Rack

Quick Release Utv Fire Extinguisher Kit

On the go Tool Kit (Metric)


Wheels - KMC UTV

Grenade Beadlock 

Tires - TOYO Tires 

Open Country SxS 32”

If you have followed us for any amount of time, you know that we are big fans of Toyo Tires, so we wanted to utilize their SxS tire. The Open Country is a great all-around tire that can see sand, dirt, rock, and street and perform equally well on all terrains.   


Cage & Bumper - TMW

 Sand Slayer 4-seat speed cage and front windshield


Wrap - Multicam Vinyl applied by ReviveWraps

Since we built the marketing truck for Multicam, we have utilized their patterns for some of our wraps. For the Turbo S we opted for the Alpine White as it was a nice contrast with the black and gray that was already on the machine. 


Roof Rack - Front Runner Outfitters

Finding a good roof rack for a UTV can be hard. Some cage manufacturers make one that fits their cages, but we need something very specific for our use case. So we took a rack company that we use on the Truck side and found a way to fit their rack. This is the 3rd UTV that we have utilized the Front Runner Slimline II on the roof. They do not make UTV-specific racks, but due to the fact that their racks are built to the dimensions we can find a way to make it work. We had to turn the rack sideways for the Polaris with the TMW cage to fit the narrower cage. Since we utilize the rack for storage (firewood, supplies, luggage) and will never mount a rooftop tent we can run the rack “incorrectly.” 

We added a Front Runner Awning to the side for shade and rain cover when out riding.   


RotoPax 4 gallon cans x 2 mounted to the roof rack. We chose to mount them up top and as forward as possible to keep them away from any hot engine components.

Recovery Gear

DMOS Shovels & Deadman Offroad, Maxtrax Mini, Come up Winch

When it comes to recovery options for this rig we opted for the DMOS Delta Shovel, these shovels, while expensive, are worth every penny. Deadman Offroad sent us a prototype for their Mini Deadman Anchor, and as always, we keep a pair of Maxtrax on board should the scenario arise that we need traction.  

Watch the Walk around here!




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