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Our Favorite Veteran Focused Non-Profits

As a veteran-owned business, we try to look at and work with other veteran-owned businesses and non-profits. Over the years, we have had friends and acquaintances who have come back...

As a veteran-owned business, we try to look at and work with other veteran-owned businesses and non-profits.

Over the years, we have had friends and acquaintances who have come back from serving and struggled with the trauma they have experienced. So we wanted to highlight some non-profits that are doing work with active duty, veterans, and first responders.

Two Wolf Foundation

Two Wolf Foundation -

The Two Wolf Foundation provides support to veterans by providing land stewardship opportunities and overland adventures. By connecting with nature, others, and self, TWF provides opportunities to serve together to preserve US wilderness sites. Through these efforts, TWF is promoting post-traumatic growth. 

Mission: Two Wolf Foundation exists to serve members of the warrior tribe on their healing journey. At the root of our mission is a passion to offer continued support for combat veterans and first responders who have attended clinical and non-clinical PTSD and substance addiction treatment programs. We want to ensure that the torch continues to be carried forward in recovery and post-traumatic growth.

If you would like to donate to Two Wolf Foundation please click here.

Team Overland Logo

Team Overland -

Based in the Pacific Northwest Team Overland is on a mission to help Veterans with the process of integrating back into their communities. Team Overland provides free guided overland trips to veterans and their families. These trips can range from a single night to week-long expeditions and have all the necessary gear provided. 

Mission: Team Overland guides overland adventures to Veteran families with the help of Kick-Ass Military Supporters to reintegrate Veterans by sharing campfires, friendship, and the overland adventure lifestyle.

If you want to donate to Team Overland, please click here

Warrior Ranch Foundation

Warrior Ranch Foundation -

Based in New York, The Warrior Ranch Foundation invites first responders and veterans to learn how to work with horses. From feeding and grooming to exercising the horses, the participants not only help rehabilitate the horses but, in turn, bond and benefit from the companionship with the animals. 

Most of these horses come from past life where their duties gave them a different attitude. At Warriors Ranch Foundation, these horses learn how to become part of a mellow heard and settle down. 

If you want to donate to Warrior Ranch Foundation, please click here



Oscar Mike Logo

Oscar Mike Overland -

Oscar Mike Overland offers support to veterans and first responders through overland adventures. They provide the gear that is needed for the trips and document the journey. Based just south of Kansas City this team leads trips and participates in events nationwide. 

If you want to donate to Oscar Mike Overland, please click here


Warriors Heart Logo

Warriors Heart -

Based in Texas, Warriors Heart Serves Active Duty, Veterans, and first responders who are battling substance abuse and psychological disorders. Through resort style healing centers treatment can range from day treatment to inpatient (residential), outpatient, and much more. 

With amenities like hiking,fishing, massage, yoga, fitness centers, pools, and many others these warriors have a chance to heal body, mind, and spirit. 

 If you want to donate to Warriors Heart, please click here



Frontline Arts Logo

Frontline Arts -

Frontline Arts is based in New Jersey but offers workshops nationwide. Their Mission is: To connect communities through socially engaging arts practices rooted in papermaking and printmaking.

This unique community-oriented Veterans’ papermaking program taught Veterans of all service eras and branches the transformational practice of making handmade paper from military uniforms.

There are several programs within frontline arts that assist both veterans and nurses. 

If you want to donate to Frontline Arts, please click here



Soldiers Freedom Outdoors

Soldiers Freedom Outdoors -

Based in Florida, Soldiers Freedom Outdoors serves both veterans and active duty service members through eco and equine therapy. The Facility, Camp Freedom, has 350 acres and allows the participants a chance to be in nature and in a calm environment. Through the use of equine therapy, these soldiers can heal  and build a better future. 

If you want to donate to Soldiers Freedom Outdoors, please click here


Stop Soldier Suicide

Stop Soldier Suicide -

Based in North Carolina, Stop Soldier Suicide is on a mission to reduce soldier suicide by connecting service members to a wellness coordinator to provide support and develop a plan to empower and move forward towards healing.  

If you want to donate to Stop Soldier Suicide, please click here


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