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Schutt Industries - XVENTURE XV-2

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Schutt Industries - XVENTURE XV-2



The Schutt Industries XVENTURE Severe-Duty Off-Road Trailer was originally developed to exceed the stringent performance standards demanded by today's military. With it's Huck-Bolted all aluminum structure, it is substancially stronger, lighter, and more durable than traditional welded steel products in this class. Schutt Industries all aluminum construction method uses Alcoa's Huck Bolt structural fasteners with over 5,000 lbs of sheer strength per fastener. There are over 300 Huck Bolts used in the chassis alone. There are no welds used for structual integrity, thus eliminating potential cracking and weld fatigue. This unique fastening system is incredibly vibration and fatigue resistant, optimizing structural integrity for a lifetime of hard use in the toughest environments without the fear of rusting, cracking, or field repairs due to joint failure.


Standard Equipment:
  • XVENTURE Trailer – All Aluminum Construction, Includes the following plus standard trailer amenities such as front wheeled jack, rear adjustable vertical stabilizers, safety chains, etc..
  • Fully D.O.T. compliant in all 50 states.
  • 3 Piece Step-Style Fenders - Designed to support full sized adults to access rack cargo
  • Fender Receivers – For Accessory Attachments
  • Large Front Storage Cabinet – 62 wide x 22 tall x 19 front to back. All Aluminum
  • Multi-Axis Max Hitch
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • Dual independant manual Brake Controls
  • Break-Away brake actuator
  • Through-Drawbar IVC Cable with right angle cover plate incorporating a metal mesh Cable Stretch Eliminator Sleeve and Metal IVC Plug
  • Reverse Lights / Area Lights – Super bright white 24 device LED modules – These turn on when the tow vehicle is placed in reverse, and are also able to be switched on from the power distribution control center to act as large area illumination lighting.
  • Power Distribution Center - Completely wired with 6 fused switchable supply ports - This  allows you to integrate up to 6 electronic accessories like additional lights, compressors, pumps, charging units etc., to a fused circuit that is remotely switchable from the control center switch block.  
  • Wiring harness runs through chassis tubes for optimal protection
  • Exterior mounted weather proof 110V Shoreline-In réceptacle
  • Exterior mounted weather proof 110V output réceptacle
  • Exterior mounted USB and solar panel Input/Output ports
  • 50 AH Deep Cycle Battery, inverter, and charger. - We have optional GoalZero Yeti power systems available including Solar Panels.
  • Cargo bed mounted 12VOLT receptacles - Recepticals on either side of bed at rear
  • Lighted license plate mount  on tailgate
  • Truxedo Toneau Cargo Bed Cover
  • Poly Urea (Line-X) Coating - Cargo Bed Interior and Front Exterior Wall, Chassis, Fenders, Storage Cabinet
  • 3: 32" Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) LT Tires
  • Steel 16 Rims – Black
  • Rear 2" accessory receiver
  • 2: Rear D-Rings – These are Air Lift Rated
  • 10 Year Warranty on Chassis


  • Track Width: 63.4”
  • Overall Width: 75”
  • Overall height: 50.5”
  • Overall length: 151.5” (12.5’)
  • Deck height: 33”
  • Cargo Bed Interior: 59" x89" x 18"
  • Distance Between Wheel Wells: 49”
  • Axle Clearance: 17.5” (with 32" tires)
  • Curb Weight: 1190 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 2315 lbs
  • GVW: 3500 lbs

Items listed below are OPTIONS that can be added to your custom Trailer Package, please call for installation pricing and availability.


  • Elevating Rack System (replacement or add-on 80/20 rack, not assembled) - $1,595.00
  • Elevating Rack System (Rhino Rack XV Tray) - $2,120.00
  • Storage Cabinet with Power Control Center - $1,995.00
  • Standard Tire with Aluminum Rim - $175.00
  • Complete Water System with 22 gallon tank (Skid Plate and Plumbing included) - $1,295.00
  • Water Heater System - Requires Propane System (Includes Water Heater, shower head, and 8ft hose) - $400.00
  • Propane System (kit includes propane tank, tank mount, and tank hoses) - $450.00
  • Solar Panel System (kit includes tripod stand and 2 Boulder 30 panels) - $600.00
  • Odyssey Battery with Harness and Mounting Assembly - $375.00
  • Swing away Tire Carrier - $695.00
  • Hard Folding Locking Tonneau Cover - $1,195.00
  • Truxedo Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover - $525.00

*Any additional items sold through TAVLLC such as tents, awnings, fridge/freezer's, lighting systems, air compressors, etc. can be configured for your custom trailer package. Please call for installation pricing and availability or to setup a consultation for your trailer build.