Our Mission

Tactical Application Vehicles, LLC is a company that prides itself on credibility and functionality. We are a company focused on building fully functional, high end expedition vehicles with the best equipment and tools found in the overland market today. Every aspect of our client’s vehicles are carefully thought out and custom tailored to maximize it’s capabilities within the scope of the clients requirements. We are building tools to be used in the field and they need to perform to the highest standards in the harshest environments without fail.

TAV Founder

Tactical Application Vehicles, LLC was founded by Walt Wagner III. With a combined eighteen years of search and rescue and federal law enforcement experience as well as a lifelong passion for exploration he has been given the golden opportunity to blend the two and build something truly unique. With an amazing wife, beautiful daughter and their white Lab, the four of them set out on a journey of faith and haven’t looked back. Having spent many years building vehicles and driving in every type of terrain imaginable, both as a hobby as well as professional, he has developed the ability to know what is going to work in the field and what is just for show. His drive is to be able to pass on that knowledge to people that have the same desire to explore the backcountry with the family or as solo missions. He approaches every vehicle or offroad trailer build with tact and careful consideration. The end product then becomes a Tactical Application Vehicle which usually has a subdued face and a slightly aggressive stance. These vehicles are ready to do work every day whether it be in the city for domestic duties or in the field.